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Visit Nusa Penida with a sneak peak to the T-Rex Shaped Beach – Kelingking Beach.
Became very famous after Qantas voted it as “a must see place” in Bali.

White sandy beach – perfect for swimming.

It takes effort to reach the beach, very steep trail with wooden rail for support while going down. Prepare your self for a rock climbing down (45 minutes). Once you reach the beach, your effort will be worthwhile.

Be sure to wear a pair of comfortable sandals (hiking sandals recommended) and bring a backpack to carry all your things. You will need your both hands during your climb.

Bring your beach towel, hammock, and pack enough water so you could stay longer at the beach.

Beware of the currant, since it can be very strong sometime. Be sure to leave some water with you on your way up. Climbing up is much easier (35 minutes). Once you reach the top again, remember to take pictures from above. The view is breathtaking.

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